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For the Love of The Ocean


We are proud to partner with 4ocean in our common goal of reducing the amount of plastic entering the ocean.

4ocean’s full-time crews are on the water, removing plastic and trash from the ocean and coastlines around the world using the latest technology. 4ocean also raises awareness of the ocean plastic crisis through educational initiatives. In May 2019, 4ocean featured Ocean Conservancy as their nonprofit of the month alongside the “Octopus Bracelet,” made from recycled materials to showcase the importance of protecting this charismatic marine animal. “It is important for all of us to think about the ocean plastic pollution crisis. With the global reach of Ocean Conservancy and 4ocean combined, we have a tremendous platform to raise awareness and educate the world about the extent of the problem while coming up with new and innovative ways to solve it.” – Ryan Dick, lead marketing manager, 4ocean

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