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Conservation International

Conservation International

Conservation International uses science, policy and partnerships to protect the nature that people rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods.

Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on six continents to ensure a healthy, prosperous planet that supports us all. They are actively involved in conserving our ocean through the creation of tools to aid ocean policy and the protection of coastal communities. Conservation International is a member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, dedicated to finding solutions that reduce the amount of plastic entering our ocean. Conservation International has identified pollution, including plastics, as a major threat that could cause widespread destruction of marine and coastal ecosystems, and adversely affect the lives, health and livelihoods of the communities that depend on them. “Conservation International has always valued our partnerships, which have assisted us in protecting more than 1.5 billion acres of the most critical landscapes and seascapes around the world – changing the trajectory of global conservation and positively impacting the lives of millions of people. We are proud to have Ocean Conservancy as a partner to continue to leverage each other’s strengths and learn from each other so that we can do even bigger and better things for the world’s oceans.” – Aulani Wilhelm, senior vice president, Center for Oceans, Conservation International

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