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For the Love of The Ocean




At Kimberly-Clark, everything they do is motivated by their vision to lead the world in essentials for a better life. This vision inspires their efforts to make lives better with the products they sell and the programs they implement.

Kimberly-Clark’s efforts to divert manufacturing and post-consumer waste from low value outlets (such as landfill) to higher value, beneficial uses are encouraging developments in helping to keep trash out of our ocean. For example, Kimberly-Clark’s The RightCycle Program* provides laboratories, manufacturing environments and cleanrooms with dedicated solutions to improve recycling of gloves and garments, and the company also supports various recycling schemes around the world to help recover packaging and provide an outlet for hard-to-recycle materials like flexible films. The materials collected by these programs are turned into secondary plastic products such as playground equipment, park benches, storage containers, composite lumber and flower pots. For more information on Kimberly-Clark’s Waste and Recycling programming, please visit here. “As a global leader whose products are used by one quarter of the world’s population every day, we are proud to be a member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®. We are committed to working strategically with Ocean Conservancy to address the issue of plastics in our waterways and playing our part through innovative product design and systems-based solutions.” – Lisa Morden, vice president of safety and sustainability, Kimberly-Clark

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