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For the Love of The Ocean


The ocean covers more than two-thirds of Earth’s surface. Protecting it is a marathon, not a sprint. Ocean Conservancy is partnering with the running company NATHAN to keep our ocean clean, healthy and thriving.

As part of the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup, the California-based company organized “fun run” cleanup events that gathered athletes, families and employees for a morning run followed by a community beach cleanup. From July 2017 through July 2019, NATHAN is donating 2% of the sale price of their HammerHead stainless steel insulated water bottle to Ocean Conservancy and our conservation initiatives. “NATHAN sports is the leader in running hydration and has partnered with Ocean Conservancy to help keep our waters clean. We know that the fitness community is eco-conscious, yet events can create a lot of waste. We work hard to promote cup-less races to eliminate thousands of single-use cups, and our HammerHead bottles are built to keep your water cool or warm before and after you work out. In the end, we are working to protect what we love and that includes the waterways of the world.”