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PepsiCo recognizes that many materials found in the ocean today should not become waste in the first place and could instead be a valuable economic resource. As a result, the company is rethinking how they package many of their products and how to prevent packaging materials from becoming waste.

Active members of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, PepsiCo was one of the first to invest in Circulate Capital, the investment management firm dedicated to incubating and financing companies and infrastructure to reduce ocean plastic pollution. PepsiCo is also a founding member of the Closed Loop Fund, and they participate in other initiatives such as the New Plastics Economy, The Recycling Partnership, CEFLEX and Materials Recovery for the Future. “At PepsiCo, we share the concern that plastics and other wastes are accumulating in the marine environment and on land. We are partnering with Ocean Conservancy and the other members of the Trash Free Seas Alliance to collectively develop science-based, pragmatic solutions that help reduce the amount of plastics leaking into the ocean.” – Andrew Aulisi, senior director global environmental policy, PepsiCo

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