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Project AWARE

Project Aware

Project AWARE® is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers.

With a mission to connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation, Project AWARE collaborates, co-creates and partners with individuals, governments, NGOS and businesses that share their vision for a return to a clean and healthy ocean, to create both local and global change. Through their Clean Ocean Strategy, Project AWARE advocates for the prevention and reduction of marine debris. Having a long history of collaboration with Ocean Conservancy and support for the International Coastal Cleanup, Project AWARE’s global citizen science program, Dive Against Debris®, empowers scuba divers to remove marine debris from the seafloor and to report data on the types, quantities and locations of materials collected. As the only underwater debris data collection program of its kind, Dive Against Debris both improves the health of ocean ecosystems through localized volunteer efforts and provides valuable information about underwater debris to help inform policy change. In addition to being a founding member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, Project AWARE is also a member of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter, the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Seas At Risk. Project AWARE is a registered non-profit organization with offices in Australia, UK and USA. “Marine debris is a complex and vast issue to tackle. Strategic collaboration among stakeholders across the globe is absolutely imperative to addressing the issue and developing solutions to prevent debris entering the ocean in the first place. That’s why Project AWARE is so proud to have such a longstanding partnership with the Ocean Conservancy as well as being a founding member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance. These partnerships, along with a groundswell of community support, are two critical ingredients necessary to drive change.” – Ian Campbell, associate director, Policy & Campaigns, Project AWARE®

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