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For the Love of The Ocean

Red Lobster

“This partnership is an important extension of our Seafood with Standards commitments. It’s important that we continue to do the right thing for our oceans, for our business and for our guests so there is seafood to enjoy for generations,” said Kim Lopdrup, CEO, Red Lobster.

Red Lobster is the world’s largest seafood-buying restaurant in the world with over 700 locations in 13 countries and territories. Since opening in 1968, they have been dedicated to seafood sustainability and are furthering that commitment by expanding their Seafood and Standards commitments beyond sourcing traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood to include efforts to find and support meaningful, science-based solutions for our ocean challenges. Red Lobster was the first large casual dining restaurant company to make a commitment to eliminate plastic straws from its restaurants and will continue to evaluate the use of single use plastics and seek alternatives. Through the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, Red Lobster will strongly encourage its suppliers to support projects that reduce, remove and recycle the more than 640,000 tons of fishing gear (known as “Ghost Gear”) lost or abandoned in oceans each year. Red Lobster joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and the Trash Free Seas Alliance in 2019 to help advance science-based solutions for our oceans greatest challenges.

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