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Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Rozalia Project

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean protects the ocean through cleanup, education, solutions-based research and by embracing innovation and technology.

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean has been dedicated to addressing the problem of marine debris since late 2010 and serves as Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Coordinator for Vermont. As a member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, Rozalia Project provides expertise related to their experience in all kinds of waters – from surface to seafloor and urban to coastal. Working across all of these geographies has helped improve the understanding of how marine mammals and humans are affected by the increase in marine debris. Rozalia Project encourages citizens to come up with solutions relevant to marine debris-related problems in their own communities and on their shores. “Our partnership with the Ocean Conservancy gives us the opportunity to lead cleanups while contributing our data to the largest growing data set of marine debris in the world! It also gives us a platform to share our expertise with leaders within different industries that are collectively working to positively impact the challenges of plastic pollution and marine debris in our marine environment.” – Ashley Sullivan, executive director, Rozalia Project

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