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Top five reasons to click your mouse for the ocean


Copyright: Cheryl Gerber

5. It’s easy to do!

4. It’s fun to click on buttons that are blue.

3. It’s a great excuse to go outside and cleanup your neighborhood.

2. One click sends $1 to Ocean Conservancy for ocean conservation!

1. You can do something good for Mother Earth and our ocean this weekend and make a real difference.

Odwalla, Causes and Ocean Conservancy joined together to help clean up our world. At Ocean Conservancy, we’ve each committed to at least one action we can take that will help the earth and in turn keep our ocean clean and healthy. And we’re asking for your participation to do the same. Starting is as simple as clicking your mouse to take the pledge. Odwalla will donate $1 to the Ocean Conservancy for every person that pledges to make a change in their life for our planet up to $20,000.

Not sure what to do? Aaron and his daughter picked up trash by the creek one morning. Ava made the commitment to always remember cloth bags when shopping. And, Shannon planted a garden in her back yard! Be sure to let us know what you intend to do – every little bit helps!

Go here to take the pledge today:

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