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Ocean Acidification: It’s Time to Act


As my colleague Julia Roberson recently discussed, Washington just became the first state to announce an official response to ocean acidification. My latest post on National Geographic News Watch delves further into the portfolio of actions needed to tackle ocean acidification. None of it will be easy, but the lowering pH of the ocean and subsequent ecosystem harm may be the defining ocean issue of our time. As my post explains,

Consensus is hard. Any time you bring together a range of interests, it’s rare the group can speak in a unified voice and recommend a clear path forward. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday in Washington by its Governor and the state’s Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) on Ocean Acidification.

The panel made clear that options exist for tackling ocean acidification. Coastal states and businesses that are dependent upon a healthy ocean now have a road map for action, thanks to Washington’s leadership – and oyster growers in Oregon first sounding the alarm. Ocean acidification is happening now, and we can and should take action…

…We’re now unwittingly conducting the world’s largest chemistry experiment. Oysters and other shell building plants and animals are the first animals to bear the brunt of this assault and Washington is on the front lines of the fight.

Read the whole post on National Geographic News Watch.

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