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5 Ocean Creatures with Sweet Dance Moves

You won’t believe these sea animals can dance

© Gabriel Barathieu

Dancing can be a form of expressing many different things. All around the world, the use of dance can be found throughout every culture—from the Samba of Brazil, the Dragon Dance of China, the Viennese Waltz of Austria to Russian Ballet, New Zealand’s Haka, Middle Eastern Belly Dancing and Cambodian Folk Dance (to name just a few). Regardless of where you are in the world, this creative art form is everywhere, even in—you guessed it—the ocean.

While there are many debates over whether the dance-like mating rituals and predation tactics among animals can actually be classified as a form of dance or not, we’re going to ignore that for now and just enjoy these graceful dances of the sea.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even pick up a few of these suave moves.

Albatross Courtship Dance


Humpback Waltz


Seahorse Morning Dance



Spanish Dancer Free Swim


Sea Angel Mating Dance

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