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Dec 17

After the Blue COP: Breaking down COP25 and what’s next for the ocean and climate


The recent SROCC report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes crystal clear that the fate of our ocean is inextricably linked to our climate future. The “Blue COP” (held Dec. 2-13 in Madrid, Spain) shone a spotlight on the role of the ocean in the world’s fight against the climate crisis and presents an opportunity to strengthen our collective commitment to securing the policies we need both for the future of the ocean and the future of the climate.

In this webinar, we examine:

– Official decisions coming out of the COP (and what it means for 2020 and beyond)

– New commitments and announcements from U.S. states

– Key takeaways from the COP important for the ocean community to know

– Potential Hill opportunities for 2020

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