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The More You NOAA

Healthy Beaches & Coasts

Our beaches and coasts are amongst America’s most valuable and treasured assets. In 2015, tourism and recreation was valued at over $115 billion, accounting for over a third of the entire ocean economy. This massive contribution to America’s economy is built on healthy beaches and coasts that support thousands of different species of marine wildlife in diverse ecosystems from coral reefs to kelp forests to tide pools.

Healthy Beaches and Coasts

Check out these stories from people across the country about how NOAA supports healthy beaches and coasts:


Andy Hayslip

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper, Florida

“NOAA’s work is tremendously important for Tampa Bay, which the World Bank named among the 10 metropolitan areas in the world most at risk for sea level rise and climate change.”

Noah Heskin

SCUBAnauts, Florida

“NOAA has provided scholarships and internships for college students pursuing marine science degrees.”

Leo Asuncion

Director of the Office of Planning, State of Hawaii, Hawaii

“Without NOAA’s resources, and their support and commitment to the designation process, He‘eia would likely not be a part of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System today.”

Ivy Frignoca

Casco Baykeeper, Maine

“NOAA represents sound science and working to find solutions to issues that threaten our Maine way of life like rising sea levels, rising ocean temperatures, and shifting species.”

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