Confronting Ocean Acidification

The Chemistry of Our Ocean is Changing

West Coast Ocean Acidification

The West Coast is on the frontline of ocean acidification due to its geography, leading to the colder, deeper, more corrosive water arriving on its shores.

Local businesses, particularly shellfish producers in Washington and Oregon are feeling the harmful impacts of ocean acidification today. One family business in Oregon that supplies oysters to many growers discovered its oyster larvae were dying simply because they were unable to survive in more acidic ocean water.

Ocean Conservancy is working in California to raise awareness of the threat ocean acidification poses to the California shellfish and fishing industries by engaging legislators in educational and networking opportunities with the industry, such as this reception at Mulvaney’s B&L on September 5. Our goal is to showcase and amplify ocean acidification as an issue that is impacting California businesses today, and will likely impact important fisheries in the future. Investment today in this issue and the businesses affected are needs that demand legislators’ attention.

Protect Our Ocean

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