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Melissa Kaminski

Portfolio Manager for Foundations and Individual Philanthropy

Melissa Kaminski is a Portfolio Manager for Foundations and Individual Philanthropy at Ocean Conservancy. She works with our foundation donors, including family foundations, to connect supporters with Ocean Conservancy’s programmatic work and positive impact on the ocean and coastal communities. Prior to joining Ocean Conservancy, Melissa managed grants for sustainable fisheries and clean water at the international non-profit organization Rare, and she helped to manage the environmental grant portfolio of the Walton Family Foundation. She started her career as an elementary educator in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., where she first gained her skills in sharing information and spreading awareness of environmental issues.

Melissa holds a B.S. in elementary education from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Public Policy with a focus on Environmental Policy from University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. While at UMASS, she focused on energy development and climate change and the impacts of education on conservation behaviors.

Melissa currently resides in Washington D.C., where she loves to spend time with her family at local parks and museums, and enjoys hiking along the east coast. She is also an avid painter who loves focusing her artwork on nature – from ocean creatures to floral arrangements.

Favorite ocean animal: Coral – Did you know that nearly a quarter of all fish in the ocean depend on healthy coral reefs for their habitats? Coral also help generate a huge amount of the Earth’s oxygen and protect people and coastlines from storms when they reduce the impact of large waves. You can see beautiful images of coral here!

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