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Bank of America

Bank of America

Ocean Conservancy is proud to recognize Bank of America as one of our most committed partners, providing support to cleanup partners around the world and activating their own employee cleanup events globally.

Bank of America is a leading World Ocean Partner of the Cleanup, supporting our efforts toward a clean, healthy ocean since 2000 and becoming a Trash Free Seas Alliance® member in 2015. Since 2007, Bank of America’s Environmental Business Initiative has deployed more than $126 billion in financing to low-carbon and sustainable business activities across the globe. Its multi-year financing commitment focuses on providing capital, along with significant intellectual capital, to develop solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges, including marine debris. The company set its first environmental financing goal at $20 billion in 2007, then quickly met it four years ahead of schedule. Its current goal of $125 billion will be met at the end of 2019, six years ahead of schedule. Its third environmental business goal launches next year with an additional $300 billion by 2030, which brings the bank’s total commitment to $445 billion (2007-2030) toward low-carbon, sustainable business activities. This is part of the bank’s focus on deploying capital for responsible, sustainable growth.

“Ocean health is directly linked to climate change. For the past 17 years, we’ve teamed up with Ocean Conservancy and its International Coastal Cleanup to help make our waterways healthier and reduce debris on our shorelines and from entering the water. We are committed to finding solutions to this global issue as well as raise awareness through educational opportunities to our employees and local markets. We know it takes all of us working together to solve this issue and by collectively addressing it, we can together make a difference.” – Rich Brown, environmental program director, Bank of America

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