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Meet the Authors

Aarthi Ananthanarayanan

Climate and Plastics Initiative Director

Britta Baechler, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Ocean Plastics Research

Jeff Barger

Associate Director, Constituent Outreach

Joel Baziuk

Associate Director, Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI)

Bray Beltrán

Director, Ocean Justice

Dan Berkson

Digital Advocacy Manager

Whitney Berry

Senior Manager of Climate Policy

Madeline Black

Senior Communications Manager

Sarah Bobbe

Senior Manager, Arctic Program

Clare Boczon

Senior Manager, Digital Fundraising

Caroline Bonfield

Shipping Emissions Analyst

Anja Brandon, Ph.D.

Associate Director, U.S. Plastics Policy

Jon Paul “J.P.” Brooker

Director, Florida Conservation

Catherine Bruger

Manager, Fish Conservation

Courtney Carmichael

U.S. Plastics Policy Manager

Edith Cecchini

Director, International Plastics

Elizabeth Cerny-Chipman

Senior Policy Analyst, Fish Conservation Program

Patricia Chambers

Arctic Digital Manager

Sandra Chiri Vargas

Manager, International Outreach, Shipping Emissions

Taryn Cohen

Manager, Resource Development

Sarah Cooley

Director, Climate Science

Emily Cotton

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Jeremy Davies

Marine Conservation Geographer

Michael Drexler

Fisheries Scientist

Luis Estévez-Salmerón

Associate Director, International Government Relations

Lesley Ferguson

Administrative Assistant

Roya Fox

Senior Communications Manager

Ivy N. Fredrickson

Staff Attorney, Conservation Programs

Michael Freeman

Senior Policy Analyst, Renewable Energy

Michelle Frey

Senior Director, Digital Outreach

Ingrid Giskes

Director, Global Ghost Gear Initiative®

Andrew Hartsig

Senior Director, Arctic Program

Greg Helms

Manager, Fish Conservation Program

Scott Highleyman

Vice President, Conservation Policy and Programs

Katie Hogge

Digital Outreach Manager

Henry Huntington

Director, Arctic Science

Janis Searles Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Theo Koboski

Florida Conservation Senior Manager

Anna-Marie Laura

Senior Director, Climate Policy

Michael LeVine

Senior Director, Alaska Programs

George Leonard

Chief Scientist

Jordana Lewis

Associate Director, Communications

Olivia Lopez

Senior Specialist, Climate Policy

Nick Mallos

Vice President of Conservation, Ocean Plastics

Lyssa Manning

Conservation Operations Manager

Delaine McCullough

Shipping Emissions Policy Manager, Arctic Program

Jaclyn McGarry

Program Manager, Global Ghost Gear Initiative

Noa Millison

Digital Fundraising Coordinator

Adam Mistler

National Outreach Manager

Megan Montemurno

Senior Manager, Digital Outreach

Meredith Moore

Director, Fish Conservation Program

Ryan Ono

Manager, Climate Program

Daniel Sebastian Padilla Ochoa

Urban Ocean Conservation Project Director

Tracy Parsons

Senior Director, Executive Office

Jennifer Perez

Digital Media and Community Coordinator

Eleanor Pierel

Climate Science Manager

Chris Robbins

Associate Director, Scientific Initiatives

Becca Robbins Gisclair

Senior Director, Arctic Programs

Jonathon Ross

Director of Arctic Indigenous-led Conservation

Allison Schutes

Senior Director, Conservation Cleanups

Shamini Selvaratnam

International Climate and Clean Energy Associate Director

Whit Sheard

Senior Director, Shipping Emissions

Emily Simeral Roberts

Director, Digital Engagement & Advocacy

Mikayla Spencer

Senior Manager, Equitable Ocean Communities

Erin Spencer

Senior Digital Strategist

Robyn Stegman

Associate Director, Digital Advocacy

Vien Tran

Senior Manager, International Projects

Katherine Tsantiris

Director, Government Relations

Felipe E. Victoria

Senior Manager for International Plastics Policy

Sara Wanous

Legislative Specialist, Government Relations

Jeff Watters

Vice President of External Affairs

Sarah Weller

Senior Manager, International Coastal Cleanup

Megan J. Williams

Fisheries Scientist

Maggie Winchester

Florida Conservation Program Manager

Emily Woglom

Executive Vice President

Anna Zivian

Senior Research Fellow

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