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About Us

Meredith Moore

Meredith Moore

Director, Fish Conservation Program

Close your eyes and picture the earth from space – that blue marble suspended in a vast darkness. For me, that always drives home the importance of our mission. By working together to ensure healthy oceans, we can be good stewards of this rare place we call home.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Ecosystem-based management
  • Fisheries policy
  • Congressional advocacy
  • Science communication

Meredith Moore started her career studying stars instead of fish and is known for trying to make a joke about being a “fallen astronomer.” Somewhere along the way of sneaking out of the astronomy department to take courses in atmospheres, oceans, climate and science journalism, she realized she’d never be satisfied studying other planets while ours needed so much help.

Meredith directs the fish conservation program at Ocean Conservancy. Having worked on clean air and water issues, climate change, worker safety and endangered species, Meredith is now fully immersed in the ocean and fish – sometimes very literally while diving. It combines her expertise in public policy, background in science and modeling with a love for communicating environmental issues to make sure U.S. marine fish are managed sustainably. She leads teams in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific to focus on key regional issues. Her work in the nation’s capital targets decision-makers to make the right national policy results to ensure healthy ecosystems and thriving coastal communities.


  • M.S., Astronomy, University of Maryland
  • B.S., Physics, University of Georgia

My Favorite Thing About the Ocean

There’s something magical about tides. We have a dynamic, changing ocean because of a big rock that hangs out in our sky. And the constant state of flux caused by that accident has helped drive the evolution of the rich diversity of species we value for food and recreation, and helped create the complex ecosystems that regulate our planet.

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