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Keep Balloon Litter Out of Our Ocean

When balloons are released into the sky, they eventually come down—and they often end up in our ocean and harm wildlife and marine ecosystems. ACT NOW: Call on your state lawmakers to enact statewide balloon-release ban legislation.
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Phasing Out Plastic Foam

Plastic foam is a disaster for our ocean and environment. Act now and say farewell to foam so we can protect our ocean and beaches for generations to come.
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Breaking Free From Plastic Pollution

Take action and urge your members of Congress to curb the plastic pollution and climate crises before it’s too late. Our ocean, our climate, our communities and marine wildlife are counting on all of us.
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Put an End to Plastic Pollution

Now is the time to take action to build a future free of plastic pollution. Tell negotiators of the international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution that there is no time to waste when tackling the plastics crisis.
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We Need Federal Action on Plastic Pollution

Octopuses can't hide from ocean plastics. Help keep our ocean trash-free by telling Congress to support legislation that cuts down on ocean plastics.
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Reuse > Waste

If we don’t act now, by 2030 (in just seven years!) plastic production will contribute 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere—the equivalent of 300 coal-fired power plants. Help keep our ocean plastic-free by calling on Congress to support the REDUCE Act and curb the production of new plastics.
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Keep Plastics Out of our National Parks

Currently, 11 million metric tons of mostly single-use items enter the ocean each year solely from land-based sources. Take action by urging your senators to support the Reducing Waste in National Parks Act.
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Tiny Plastics = Big Problem

Microplastics are plastic particles that are incredibly dangerous to our ocean. We need advocates, like you, to help keep our ocean—and our beloved sea animals—plastic free.
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Turn the Tide on Plastic Pollution

To tackle the ocean plastics crisis, we need to make less plastic. Join Ocean Conservancy in calling for source-reduction policies for the most common items polluting our shorelines and waterways around the world.
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Reduce the Production of Plastics

Despite calling our ocean home, sea turtles & their babies are also dependent on clean, healthy beaches. Protect them by calling for a minimum 50% global reduction of single-use plastics by 2050.
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Fighting for a Plastic-Free Ocean

Plastic production has become a crisis for our ocean and coastal communities. We must act now.
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Protect and Advance Ocean Justice

The Biden administration released the first-ever United States Ocean Justice Strategy; a big step for ocean health and historically underserved communities that rely on our ocean and coasts. Now, it’s on all of us to ensure the White House can follow through with this plan and protect our people and our ocean for generations to come. Act now and tell the Senate to protect and advance ocean justice.
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