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State Climate Action

States Leading Ocean Climate Action

The ocean provides climate solutions that deliver the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming and support community resilience to the impacts occurring now.

State climate leadership has paved the way for ambitious national climate action and should continue to be a priority as the nation works to build durable climate policies.

Experiences at the state level offer lessons and examples for how to protect the ocean and harness its power to combat climate change. By integrating climate-related planning and action into ocean and coastal resource management and building strong and effective coalitions, states can make lasting progress for a healthy ocean, stable climate and thriving communities. Additionally, state action can ensure that regardless of federal action (or inaction), the critical on-the-ground implementation moves forward.

These state stories highlight a variety of actions by states that have prioritized ocean-climate solutions that can serve as models for other governments (state, local or national) to consider as they search for climate mitigation and adaptation solutions that work best for their unique needs. Sharing these stories can help states advance climate action across ocean and coastal sectors, identify gaps and needs for further action, highlight equity and justice considerations, and disseminate policies for adoption and implementation at the state level and beyond.

Sharing these State Stories can provide crucial insights and serve as inspiration for jurisdictions everywhere, coastal and beyond, seeking to embrace the ocean’s mitigation potential and advance climate action through policies, practices and projects.

If you’re interested in contributing a state story, please let us know by emailing Ocean Conservancy at [email protected] with the subject line “State Story Contribution”.

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