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At Ocean Conservancy, partnerships drive everything we do — and are making a real difference on behalf of our ocean.

For nearly half a century, Ocean Conservancy has tackled the biggest threats to our ocean. Whether fighting to end overfishing or to preserve the Arctic wilderness, Ocean Conservancy supports science-based solutions for a healthy ocean — and the people, wildlife and communities that depend on it.

This work is too large for us to do alone. Partnerships with a diverse range of fellow ocean champions allow us to be the most effective organization we can be — and to magnify our global reach.

We partner in everything we do — whether enlisting divers from Force Blue, a group of U.S. Special veterans, to patch coral reefs or joining with companies like American Express to stem the tide of ocean plastic.

Our ocean-champion partners get involved in many ways on many issues.

At Ocean Conservancy, we believe the private sector has an invaluable role to play in ocean conservation — through investments, sustainable business practices, and policies and solutions that make a world of difference for our ocean and communities. Our work with the private sector is based on the core belief that business practices have clear and measurable impacts on the ocean — and that the private sector is a crucial partner in advancing sustainable strategies and providing leadership on the ocean’s behalf.

The way we partner differs. Leading consumer brands like Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling and sustainable clothing company Outerknown support the ocean through innovative cause-marketing campaigns. Global corporations like Bank of America mobilize their employees around the world to keep our beaches and ocean clean.

As one of the only organizations globally to focus exclusively on our ocean, we are trusted advisors and strategists working behind the scenes and on the front lines to forge the future of our ocean.

By working with Ocean Conservancy, you gain a trusted partner, respected around the world for our science-based decision-making, our relentless search for the best solutions, and our robust, bipartisan consensus-building that always keeps the ocean at the center of the deal.

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