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Florida Harmful Algal Bloom Crisis

Share your photos and personal story from the harmful algal bloom crisis.

Floridians are facing a crisis as harmful algal blooms, including a significant red tide bloom in southwest Florida, are impacting our ocean and coasts, killing iconic marine wildlife and impairing our beaches. These events are endangering the Floridian way of life, one that depends on a vibrant, healthy ocean to sustain coastal communities and draw thousands of people to our beautiful beaches.

Ocean Conservancy is collecting photos and stories from Floridians and Florida visitors who are experiencing the crisis first hand.

These images will be used to share the real world stories of the crisis with elected officials and the media. Together, we can let the world know about this urgent crisis plaguing Florida’s ocean and coasts and work together to find solutions.

Submit your photos and stories today.

Learn more about the Harmful Algal Blooms in Florida: Read our blog

Take your advocacy to the next level: Citizens Guide to Advocacy – Florida Harmful Algal Blooms

Don’t forget to submit your photos and stories today

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