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Protecting Florida’s Coasts and Waterways

All-Hands-On Deck

Florida is fortunate to have incredible coastal ecosystems and marine wildlife—an iconic, natural environment surrounded by and dependent on clean water.

From the Panhandle to the Florida Keys, you’re never more than 60 miles from the ocean and 60 miles closer to some of the most pervasive water quality issues in the United States.

Helping Florida’s coasts means we have to work together. All levels of government must play a role–including city hall. That’s why through Shores Forward, Ocean Conservancy is partnering with local leaders in the fight to conserve Florida’s most treasured assets: our ocean and coasts. We’re incredibly excited to be working with local government partners throughout Florida to take action on water quality, marine wildlife, education and outreach, ocean trash and carbon pollution.

Now is the time to lean forward and show leadership for our shores.

The City of Miami’s economy and health are tied to Biscayne Bay and our marine environment. By working with Ocean Conservancy, we are tackling challenges big and small to protect our marine wildlife’s health and provide clean and safe water for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Alan Dodd, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Miami

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