Ocean scientists concerned over uptick of whale deaths on Northeast coasts

Whales are considered the ocean's "canary of the coal mine."

Miles de envases de espuma regados en las costas estadounidenses ponen en riesgo salud de personas y animales

Thousands of foam containers scattered on US coasts put the health of people and animals at risk.

Meet the New Plastic, Same as the Old Plastic

Billions are being invested in carbon removal strategies to fight global heating. Will they work?

Questions remain if we can effectively stop cooking the planet by sucking carbon out of the air or using the ocean

The oceans might be scary, but they’re delightful, too

There are wild and scary things about the ocean. And there are wild and wonderful things about the ocean. It is this push and pull that has horrified, delighted and fascinated us for millennia.

Ocean Conservancy Announces Winners of 2023 Photo Contest

Landmark California Plastic Law’s Anniversary Brings Progress

California’s key recycling agency met the first deadline of the state’s landmark plastic regulation law a year after its passage, appointing an advisory board of 16 members on June 30.

World shipping body votes on ‘historic’ emissions cuts to curb warming

The U.N. group that oversees the global shipping industry agreed Friday to slash the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions in coming decades in an attempt to limit future global warming.

The World May Have Just Missed Its Chance To Seriously Tackle Shipping Emissions

The International Maritime Organization agreed new climate targets in July 2023.

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