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  • CEO Interviews

    Speaker Requests

    Climate Change

    Julia Roberson

    Languages: English


    [email protected]

    Office+1 202.351.0476

    Mobile+1 202.316.7044

  • Ocean Plastic

    Trash Free Seas

    International Coastal Cleanup

    Corporate Marketing

    Jordana Merran

    Languages: English, French


    [email protected]

    Office+1 202.280.6206

    Mobile+1 301.873.4484

  • Sustainable Fisheries

    Government Relations

    Florida Program

    Ocean Network

    Samantha Bisogno

    Languages: English


    [email protected]

    Office+1 202.280.6210

  • General Marketing Inquiries

    Miami Super Bowl Partnership

    Michael Farnham

    Languages: English, Spanish

    [email protected]

    Mobile+1 571.839.7026

  • Alaska and Arctic Conservation

    Gulf of Mexico Restoration

    Ocean Planning

    Offshore Oil and Gas

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    Trishna Gurung

    Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi


    [email protected]

    Mobile+1 202.747.4278

  • Climate change

    Ocean acidification


    Cody Sullivan

    Languages: English

    [email protected]

    Office+1 202.280.6273

    Mobile+1 650.888.3384

Enough is Enough. End New Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling

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