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Clean Up the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry pollutes as much annually as all of America’s coal plants combined. Take action to urge Congress to pass the Clean Shipping Act, which sets a clear, bold path to achieving zero-emission shipping in the U.S.
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Scrubber Wastewater is Bad for Our Ocean

Some ships have “scrubbers” that enable them to use the world’s dirtiest fuels and dump the resulting pollutants into our ocean in the form of extremely toxic wastewater. Take action to ban harmful scrubber wastewater.
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Take Action to Safeguard the Arctic

Increasing vessel traffic in the Arctic could put wildlife and local communities at greater risk from oil spills, accidents and pollution. Join us and tell the Coast Guard you support its efforts to protect Arctic waters from the impacts of increasing ship traffic.
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Offshore Drilling is Environmental Injustice

We’ve seen how catastrophic oil spills have been for our ocean, marine wildlife, people living in coastal communities and coastal economies. Take action to urge Congress to phase out dangerous, dirty offshore drilling.
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