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For the Love of The Ocean

Annie Wilcosky

Manager of Individual Philanthropy

Washington, D.C.

Annie is the Manager of Individual Philanthropy at Ocean Conservancy. While growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Annie spent much of her time outdoors and developed a deep and lasting appreciation for the natural world. Annie pursued this interest at Bowdoin College, where she studied the complexities of Earth’s systems and graduated with a B.A. in Earth and Oceanographic Science. During her time at Bowdoin, she worked for the College’s Annual Giving Campaign and spent summers working for various non-profits including the Piedmont Environmental Council and Environment North Carolina. Outside of the office, Annie enjoys hiking, reading and swimming in the ocean.

Favorite ocean animal: The Giant Pacific Octopus! On average, these cephalopods are about 12 feet in length and weigh more than 50 pounds. Octopuses are the only invertebrates known to exhibit play behavior, and they can learn to solve mazes, open jars, recognize people’s faces and even escape enclosures.

Annie Wilcosky
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