Florida Campaign for #PlasticFreeCities Begins in Miami
Community-driven effort to keep ocean and neighborhoods clean in the Sunshine State
What’s an ROV?
Learn about ROVs and other technology that helps us study the sea
Upstream Action to Protect Our Ocean and Coasts
SCOTUS case threatens the future of the Clean Water Act
Effects of Marine Debris on Remote Islands
More than 11,000 pounds of trash removed from Gasḵúu
South Greenland at a Crossroads
More local magic may be needed to adapt to a changing climate and a changing economy while retaining South Greenland’s vibrant culture
Meet the Blanket Octopus
Learn all about the caped-crusader cephalopod of the ocean
Why Sponges are Underrated
There’s a “hole” lot more to sea sponges than you may have thought
5 Ocean Victories of 2022
Here’s what we’re celebrating this year—and what we’re looking forward to in 2022
Fast Facts About Flounder
Flounder are more than just flat fish
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