No New Offshore Oil and Gas Leases

Why Ocean Conservancy Supports H.R. 4936—the Nonrestrictive Offshore Wind (NOW) Act

Biden Administration Decision Curbs New Drilling

No new offshore oil and gas leasing in our clean energy future

Offshore Oil and Gas and the Biden Administration

So far, actions are not living up to the rhetoric

Restoring National Environmental Policy Act Rules, One Step at a Time

Council on Environmental Quality begins the process of strengthening NEPA rules

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches its 2021 Minimum

Even after a relatively cool Arctic summer, multiyear sea ice is at an all-time low

Arctic Voyage Highlights Less Sea Ice Due to a Warming Climate

Climate change is affecting the Arctic region and the Indigenous peoples who live there

U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Begins Arctic Journey

Healy will travel the fabled Northwest Passage this summer

A Victory for Important Arctic Safeguards

Department of the Interior withdraws a proposal to weaken Arctic drilling rule

Interior Launches Comprehensive Review of Federal Oil and Gas Program

Is this the start of a more just, equitable and sustainable energy future for our ocean?

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