All About Goblin Sharks

My new best friend is a goblin shark, but I can’t find them anywhere

What is a Sand Dune?

Learn more about the importance of sand dunes

Where Do Seashells Come From?

Learn why seashells are so important and how seashells are made

What is a Nurdle?

Plastic pellets are polluting our beaches and waterways

Is There a Difference Between Arms and Tentacles?

Spoiler: Octopuses don’t have tentacles

Biggest Invertebrates in the Ocean

Who needs a backbone anyway?

Huzzah for Hermit Crabs

Learning more about aquatic and land hermit crabs

Meet the Blanket Octopus

Learn all about the caped-crusader cephalopod of the ocean

Facts About Beluga Whales

The cold never bothered them anyway

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