Why are Oarfish Known as Doomsday Fish?

Meet one of the longest and most odd-looking fish in the sea

How Much Trash is in the Ocean?

Trash has been found in every corner of our ocean

What the Foam?!

The call for a national ban on polystyrene, also known as plastic foam

What is a Nurdle?

Plastic pellets are polluting our beaches and waterways

Dispatches from Paris on the Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations

Second in-person negotiating session of an international agreement to tackle plastic pollution

How Do We Solve the Plastic Pollution Crisis? Three (Not-So-Easy, but Straightforward) Steps

Reflecting on what we’ve learned in the 50 years since discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Declaring Independence From Single-Use Plastics

Let’s make Plastic Free July a year-long celebration

Is Composting Good for the Ocean?

Reflections on composting, plastic pollution and more from the 2023 International Zero Waste Cities Conference in the Philippines

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