What Americans Actually Think About Plastic Pollution

Informing action on plastic pollution using social science

Six Ways to Make Ocean-Friendly Fashion Choices

While trends come and go, sustainable fashion never goes out of style

Microplastics in Protein Products Concerns All Consumers

New Ocean Conservancy and University of Toronto Trash Team research found microplastics in nearly 90% of protein samples

What is a Sand Dune?

Learn more about the importance of sand dunes

Why are Oarfish Known as Doomsday Fish?

Meet one of the longest and most odd-looking fish in the sea

How Much Trash is in the Ocean?

Trash has been found in every corner of our ocean

What the Foam?!

The call for a national ban on polystyrene, also known as plastic foam

What is a Nurdle?

Plastic pellets are polluting our beaches and waterways

Dispatches from Paris on the Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations

Second in-person negotiating session of an international agreement to tackle plastic pollution

How Do We Solve the Plastic Pollution Crisis? Three (Not-So-Easy, but Straightforward) Steps

Reflecting on what we’ve learned in the 50 years since discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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