Is Composting Good for the Ocean?
Reflections on composting, plastic pollution and more from the 2023 International Zero Waste Cities Conference in the Philippines
Protecting the Ocean Means Protecting Communities
How the Protecting Communities from Plastics Act supports fenceline communities, our climate and our ocean
Cleaning Up Trash in Vietnam
How one beach cleanup made a big impact in Ho Chi Minh
Opportunity to End Plastic Pollution: A Global Agreement
First in-person negotiating session on international agreement to tackle plastic pollution set to begin
3 Ways You Can #SeaTheChange
‘Tis the season for taking action for our ocean
How Are Ocean Animals Impacted by Plastics?
Help them #SeatheChange at this year’s International Coastal Cleanup®
Setting Sail to Collect Ghost Gear in Maine
The GGGI teamed up with the Rozalia Project to remove more than 4,000 pounds of discarded fishing gear and other marine debris
How Much Plastic Do Mealworms Really Eat?
Find out what the research actually says about mealworms and what can really save us from the plastics crisis
The United Nations’ Plastics Agreement Must Include Ghost Gear
We can’t talk about the plastics treaty without talking about ghost gear
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