Five Reasons to Use Cloth Napkins over Paper

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5. Sustainably-made cloth napkins cost less then buying paper napkins over the course of five years. 

Given current prices, if you bought the cloth napkins brand new, five year’s worth of eco-friendly cloth napkins for a family of four could cost you anywhere from $20 to $108.00. If you bought disposable paper napkins for a family of four for five years, however, it could cost you anywhere from $322.64 to $2,635.60 depending on the type of napkins you buy and whether you buy them in bulk or one roll at a time.

4. Cloth napkins typically look nicer than paper napkins.

Let’s face it; presentation is important. We process with our eyes – especially when eating. Whether it’s in our packed lunches for work or school, or at meals at home, a cloth napkin looks and feels high class.

3. Cloth napkins are more durable.

When was the last time you ate BBQ? Can you count on one hand the number of napkins you went through? You can if you used a cloth one. Yes, it means washing them right after the meal, but it also means going through fewer paper products.

2. Kids can’t rip apart cloth napkins under the table.

If you have children, or have ever eaten with kids, you know they like to play with anything you put in front of them. More often than not, a meal with kids and paper napkins ends up looking like it has snowed under the table.

1. You produce less trash with cloth napkins!

Each year, millions of pounds of trash end up in our landfills. Some of this trash finds its way into nature and our ocean, causing trouble for wildlife. Every little bit counts and your little changes can have a huge impact. Want to go the extra mile? Make your own cloth napkins from old pieces of fabric, or find them in the home section of a consignment shop.

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