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Can’t Get Enough of Sharks? Check Out Our Best Shark Posts

Credit: Jillian Morris

“SHARK!” Does the word conjure up images of a fin slicing toward you in the open ocean or on the edge of your seat completely absorbed in one of the year’s best television specials?

In preparation for Shark Week, which starts this Sunday, we’ve put together a roundup of some of our best shark blog posts from the past year:

What’s Your Shark IQ? How much do you think you know about sharks? Before taking a deep dive into the world of these complex creatures, test your basic knowledge with our short quiz. Do you know which shark swims the fastest?

Dreaming of Swimming with Sharks? Start with “the Domino” Now that you’re schooled on these big fish, take a look at the biggest of all, the whale shark. They are nicknamed “dominoes” because of their unique spots that can be used to track individual animals throughout their lifetimes. Watch what it’s like to swim in the water with the fish that can grow as big as a school bus.

Shark Bites: How Dangerous Are They? Whale sharks are filter feeders, passively scooping up small fish and plankton that are nearby, but some sharks can pack a powerful bite. Yet, despite these sharks’ sensationalized reputation as cold-blooded killers, you’re actually more likely to have a fatal encounter with a vending machine. What other day-to-day objects and activities are more likely to kill us than the bite of a shark? You’d be surprised.

Shark Attack Survivors Fight to Save Sharks There are still, however, headlines of shark attacks every year that strike a fear in beachgoers. But you don’t often hear about what happens to the survivors after recovery. One attack survivor, Debbie Salamone, realized her unique platform for speaking up about sharks. She gathered a crew of fellow survivors, including a World Cup soccer player from South Africa, a Wall Street businessman and a surfer from Hawaii, and formed Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation. If they can see the value in saving sharks, then surely everyone else can.

After all, with over 100 million killed by humans each year, sharks are a lot more vulnerable than they look. From finning to bycatch to habitat destruction, sharks face real threats to their survival.

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