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How to Melt the Arctic in 3 Easy Steps


How do you melt Arctic sea ice in three simple steps? Glad you asked. Today, I’m sharing our latest recipe with you.

The Arctic is heating up fast. As sea ice melts, more water is opening up for ship traffic and oil drilling, posing a threat to Arctic wildlife—the perfect recipe for disaster.

Will you help us stand up for the Arctic? Sign your name, and pledge your support to this vulnerable area.

Here’s a taste of our family Arctic recipe.

Step 1. Coat the ice with a dusting of black carbon from increased ship traffic to speed melting.

Step 2. Add a dash of oil from offshore drilling to enhance melting.

Step 3. Place in the oven and turn up the heat.

But there’s one major problem with this recipe: We don’t actually want to cook the Arctic. Clearly, we’re missing our key ingredient—YOU!

Will you join thousands of people like you, working together to cook up solutions for the Arctic? You can help keep the Arctic cool. You can protect our Arctic. Will you show your support today?

Take action now. Together we can collect 20,000 signatures to demonstrate our support for the Arctic.

Walruses, ribbon seals and polar bears all depend on sea ice as vital habitat. Narwhals and bowhead whales use quiet Arctic waters to forage for food and raise their young. And seabirds come by the thousands to feed and breed during the northern summer. Alaska Native people have lived in this special place for thousands of years and depend on these abundant resources. Increased shipping, drilling and the melting of sea ice threaten them all.

Add your name to the growing list of people showing their support for the Arctic. Sign alongside others like you who respect this magical area—from the narwhals and ribbon seals, to the people who call the Arctic home. No matter where you live, the changes in the Arctic affect us all.

Let’s make sure we #KeepArcticCool.

Sign the pledge, join the movement and be sure to share this recipe with friends and family.

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