Reactions to Watching the Olympics, As Told By Ocean Animals

It’s about that time again: the Winter Olympics! While we certainly all love watching some of the best athletes in the world come together to represent our countries and compete for the gold, the events can sometimes cause us all to have some pretty hilarious reactions as we try to absorb everything that’s happening.

“That guy just jumped how far?”

“How is that woman landing like that?”

“Wait…what’s a luge?”

To document this, we thought who better than (you guessed it) some of our favorite marine wildlife! Check out how these incredible creatures also reflect a goofy side—one that any of us could clearly relate to. Which one of these is you this Olympics season?

  • Okay, here we go. You arrive at an enormous 2018 Winter Olympics watch party, but aren’t really feeling all that social. That’s a yikes for you, when you only know ONE person there:

Leave me by myself for even one second Sharon and I swear…

  • When you know absolutely nothing about winter sports, but throw on your most festive red white and blue gear (and totally just stopped at the party store to buy pom-poms, too):


  • When the person sitting next to you says, “Eh, who even cares if America wins?”

…I do. We all do, Fred. WHERE IS YOUR PATRIOTISM.

  • When you fall asleep watching an event, and your country suddenly wins gold:

Oh…yay! Go team!

  • Applauding the figure skaters for getting all the genes for grace and strength (because you know for a fact none of that went to you)

Good for you…

  • When you start daydreaming about what you’d say to the camera if you ever made it to the Olympics and got yourself on live TV:

But you’d probably just end up staring into the camera starstruck. Probably.

  • When you tell your friends to watch, because “I can do a flip like that too”—only to get blank stares as you realize gymnastics is a summer sport.

Awkward, dude.

  • When all these unbelievable athletes remind you how out of shape you are, and you get super motivated to work out…at least for 5 minutes or so.


I can totally get washboard abs in 2 weeks…right??

  • When someone *almost* doesn’t stick their landing during freestyle skiing, but thankfully nails it at the last second:

GOOD HEAVENS that was close.

  • When someone asks you if trying skeleton is on your bucket list:

It’s a no from me.

  • When you get super hyped for your team but they win nothing…at all.


Well…bull shark.

  • But at the end of the day, once you see hundreds of athletes coming together and people getting along with each other for the love of sports and community (even for just a brief moment), you smile and get that warm feeling inside…reminding you that the world really is a wonderful place.

Thumbs up for sure.


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