Need a Laugh?

These hilarious ocean animals are totally #relatable

Maybe you’ve had a rough day and don’t feel there’s much that could make you smile right now. Or perhaps you’ve just woken up, and you’re still waiting for that coffee to kick in. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had a good laugh. Regardless which of these apply to you, nowadays it can be hard not to get caught up in the stress of our daily lives.

But not to worry, we’re here for you! For a few moments, turn off the news, and instead, tune in to this hilarious compilation of adorable ocean animals doing extremely goofy things that are, quite honestly, way too relatable.

When you wake up in the middle of the night ravenous for a snack:

Water Win GIF-downsized_large (1)

I think I ate too fast…

When you cancel plans, but have to make a mad dash to the store and really hope you aren’t somehow spotted:

ocean crab GIF-source

Please don’t be here please don’t see me please don’t be here…

When they’re giving out free samples at the grocery store:

North Carolina Loggerheads GIF-source

Back off the cheese cubes, Susan, they’re mine.

When your sibling gets into a fight with your mom in public, forcing you to skedaddle away like you don’t know them:

octopus GIF-source

Wow, that family must have some issues, this is a very nice top.

When someone tries to speak to you before 9am (and a substantial amount of coffee)…

Sea Otters Ocean GIF-source

Can you not? 

When the forecast said sunny and 75° and it suddenly downpours …

…and you definitely forgot your umbrella:

Baby Sea GIF-source

Why though.

When your friend is on their way to do something stupid but you’re determined to stop them:

Sea Turtle Animal Friendship GIF-source

Hold your horses, cowboy! 

When you were trying to avoid conversation with your neighbors but they spot you anyway:

Crabs GIF-source

When someone invades your personal space:

Snowy Plover Beach GIF by Monterey Bay Aquarium-source

Stay out of my bubble okay thanks.

When you see your best friend walking toward you at the airport:

Crab Yes GIF-source


When your significant other is being way too clingy:

Polar Bear GIF-source

Barbara, I’m just going to the BATHROOM. WHY.

When your worries try to get you down again, but you know animals will always be there to make any day better, so you don’t need unnecessary stress anymore:

Let It Go Swimming GIF by Cheezburger-source
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