Valentine’s Day Cards for the Ocean Lover in Your Life

Love is in the air and we have just what you need to show your crush you care

Love is in the air and beneath the waves. Valentine’s Day is this week and we want to prepare you with everything you need to make the holiday fin-tastic. If you’re Valentine is as nerdy about puns and the ocean as we are (and we seriously hope they are), we’re about to make finding the right card ridiculously easy.

As we enter the season of declarations of adoration, we wanted to provide you with an easy way to show your love for the ocean and your Valentine at the same time. We’ve come up with adorable ocean themed FREE e-cards to send that special someone who has got you hooked. Explore our jaw-some options and send one here.

Stingrays are generally solitary creatures. Occasionally they do get together in large groups (numbering in the thousands!) to breed and migrate. This large group of stingrays is called a “fever.” If you’ve been struck with a love fever, send your sweetheart this card:


Otters form rafts while they sleep by holding each others hand. This adorable habit ensures that none of their beloved family and friends float away from them. Mother otters will sometimes use seaweed to wrap their pups close to them. Harness the adorable-ness of otters to show your affection with this card:


Sea turtles will swim 500 miles and they will swim 500 more just to be the turtle who swims a thousand miles to return to the shore they were born. Turtles don’t reach sexual maturity until their 30’s but when they are ready to mate they will cross oceans to return to the place where they were hatched. Show your love that we will travel the world for them with this turtle-y awesome card:


Cuttlefish don’t just have one heart to give their Valentine, they have three! Cuttlefish need two hearts to circulate blood to each set of their gills. The third moves oxygenated blood throughout their body. Their blood is blueish-green due to a copper-containing protein as opposed to our blood which gets its distinctive red hue from iron-containing hemoglobin. Show your love that your heart beats for them with this card:


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your fellow ocean explorer. Send one of our pun-ny Valentine’s cards seal-ed with your love to show your sweet heart how much you care. Click here to send an e-card to your fellow ocean friend.

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