Five Videos to Enjoy While Social Distancing

My favorite ocean videos to watch while sheltering in place

If you’re stuck inside, chances are you are burning through television shows and movies that have been stuck on your “to watch” list for years. I find myself desperate for good content and a little inspiration from the ocean while I’m at home. For so many of us, the ocean can center us, calm us and give us purpose. While I can’t visit the ocean right now, these videos help me bring it right to my living room.

1. Morning MeditOcean

Meditation has been a useful tool on my personal social isolation journey. It helps me process my emotions and helps to center me each morning. I’ve been really enjoying MeditOcean, a guided meditation from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Each edition features a calming guided meditation with soothing underwater images.

2. DC Environmental Film Festival

The DC Environmental Film Festival has been cancelled, but now many of the documentaries are available to watch at home. Enjoy films on topics ranging from penguins, ocean plastics, hellbenders, mermaid activists and more. There are films for all ages including animated films that explore conservation topics. Break out the popcorn and make your own film festival at home.

3. Webcams

I often like something up in the background while I’m working. I’ve found webcams to be the perfect source for this. From sea otters to sharks, they’ve got cameras where you can spy on all sorts of underwater creatures. As a bonus, they also mesmerize my cat, keeping her entertained while I work.

4. Puppies at the Georgia Aquarium

If you are ready for a cuteness overload, check out these visitors to the Georgia Aquarium. I keep a bookmarks folder of videos that bring me joy when I’m feeling down. These cute puppies have been added to the list. They will bring a smile to your face while they enjoy the wonders of the ocean.

5. Oceans to Everglades

If you are looking for educational content, check out our Ocean to Everglades documentary series. This three-part documentary series focuses on the unique aquatic environment in South Florida. Learn how the Everglades and ocean environments are deeply intertwined and how you can join local advocates and leaders to protect these rich ecosystems.

What ocean content have you been enjoying? Share your favorite videos with @OurOcean!

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