Meet Ocean Conservancy’s Best Virtual Office Pet

All office pets are wonderful, but only one can win this coveted title

One silver lining to this new state of being is we get to see everyone’s pets. They flop on laps while we are making important points or stroll into the background to the delight of all of our coworkers. Man’s best friend has become the entire office’s best friend, bringing a little bit of whimsy and joy during these tough times.

To celebrate the crazy critters that have lightened up our lives at Ocean Conservancy, we asked you to help with a friendly competition. We sent you all of our adorable pets and asked you to help us decide which one should be crowned Ocean Conservancy’s Best Virtual Office Pet. The votes are now tallied and we are delighted to announce that Stella has won! To celebrate her crowning achievement, we interviewed this adorable feline about her win. 


Stella, many cats out there are going to want to emulate you now that you’re a champion. Can you recommend any nap spots or toys for aspiring kittens?

If I’m being honest, I can nap pretty much anywhere—in a ray of sunshine on the carpet, at the foot of my parents’ bed, or even in their bathtub (empty, of course). But I’d say my favorite spot is on this awesome little perch that’s suction-cupped to a window in my mom’s office. It took me a while to take to it, but now I’m obsessed.

When it comes to toys, I like the simple things. Right now, my main squeeze is this spare white shoelace with loops tied at the ends. Love that thing.

Many Olympians train every single day on their path to victory. What is your daily routine for success?

My days are relatively leisurely now that I’m 10 years old. I wake up when my parents do, but usually hang around on the bed until they force me out of it to fix up the blankets. From there, I indulge in a light breakfast, usually just a few bites of kibble or canned food. I spend most of the work day in the office—on the perch in the window. If my mom’s space heater is on the floor, I might lie in front of that at some point too.

Then, in the evening around 5:00 or 6:00 PM, I have dinner, and spend some time on the couch or the dining room table with my family. I’m usually lying on the foot of my parents’ bed by 10:00 PM.

For fun, I like to run up my cat tree, play with my shoelace and slap my dad’s feet.


Stella, you seem so perfect in every way! Do you possess even a single fault?

Everyone tells me I’m a Chatty Cathy! I do like to coo, trill and chirp. I’m told I snore in my sleep too. I also love baked goods. Donuts, banana bread—you name it—I’ve sneakily tasted them all. One time, my mom accidentally ate a donut that I had been sitting on while I was licking another donut. Pretty hilarious.

When did you become part of the Ocean Conservancy family? Tell us about your adoption by Jordana, our Communications Manager?

Until I was three years old I lived with another family. They were great, but they had another cat (who was kind of a snooze), plus a kid, and they were going to be traveling for the summer. A friend of that family, Jordana, offered to take me in while they were away. About a week in, I charmed her with neck kisses and she adopted me. The rest is history!


What is your favorite ocean animal?

Not sure if this counts as an ocean animal, but I love stalking birds from the window, so probably a seabird like a puffin. Or maybe penguins, since they can’t fly away.

If we did a fancy award ceremony for Ocean Conservancy’s Best Virtual Office Pet, what would your acceptance speech be for your win? 

I am so honored to be named Ocean Conservancy’s Best Pet. There were doubters out there—people who believe that a cat can’t represent Ocean Conservancy because cats don’t typically like water. And while it’s true that I hate being in water, the ocean affects all of us. I, too, rely on the ocean for the air I breathe and the water I drink. Some of my favorite canned meals are seafood medleys. So, thank you to all my fans out there for believing in me when the stakes were so high and the competition so fierce. And thank you to my parents, Jordana and Jacob, for all their love and affection, which has undoubtedly made me the diva I am today.


My final question is one that’s on every fan’s mind right now. Now that you have been named Ocean Conservancy’s Best Virtual Office Pet, what’s next?

I plan to continue living a life of leisure and luxury. But I will also use my crown to promote a clean, healthy ocean. The ocean faces many challenges—climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution—to name a few. I want to make sure seafood medleys stay on the menu for generations of cats to come. Join me (and check out my Instagram)!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Stella’s victory and thank you to all the good boys and girls who competed. We hope you and your animal companion are safe and healthy at home.

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