Experience America’s Wetlands from Home

Virtual tours, home science experiments and trivia all help bring the wetlands home to you

Every time American Wetlands Month rolls around, my head swims with images of mangroves silhouetted against the fading light as Spanish moss swings softly to the warm spring breeze. I’m reminded of Cajun music and crawfish boils—driving out to the seafood market with my dad as he determined which catch would make the perfect meal. These are the fond memories I have of the breezy bayou in my home state of Louisiana. Perhaps you have some memories of your own local wetland—after all, every state in America has one.

All wetlands, whether bog, marsh or swamp, are crucial ecosystems that perform valuable functions like storing floodwaters, absorbing excessive nutrient pollution and providing habitats for diverse and rare wildlife. They’re incredible and exciting environments that we all have a connection to—from Nevada to New Jersey, we all have wetlands!

While it may be difficult to travel to your local wetlands during this time of social distancing, there are still ways you can celebrate and love the wetlands from home.

Wetlands 101

Brush up on wetlands, their importance and how they’re adapting to change with Wetlands 101, a few things may surprise you.

Virtual Tours

From museums to ocean depths, virtual tours are helping bring home adventures from around the world, and America’s wetlands are no exception. Dive into Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp with this live exploration or visit Metzger Marsh near the Great Lakes and learn more about what makes our wetlands so special.

Wetland Home Experiment

Are you or your kids more hands-on learners? Learn more about the role of a wetland with this home, wetland experiment—you only need five items!

Trivia Quiz

Whether you’re already an expert in wetlands or just learning, put your knowledge to the test with this wetlands quiz.


This American Wetlands Month, celebrate your wetlands and learn more about these amazing natural resources and how you can help protect them. Have a story or memories of your local wetlands that you want to share? Connect with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!

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