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5 Mobile Wallpapers to Celebrate International Women’s Day

These quotes will transform your lock screen into a constant motivator

woman sunset
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March 8th marks the 110th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and there are so many ways to celebrate this day. It is a day for not only celebrating groundbreaking achievements by women in recent years but also for honoring all of the countless incredible women throughout history who fought to empower both each other and generations to come.

Ocean Conservancy couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this day as well as Women’s History Month overall. In honor of this special day, our digital team has put together five mobile wallpapers for you to download, chock-full of motivational quotes from inspiring women. Feel free to share them on social media, share them with women in your life who inspire you—and, of course, save them as your wallpaper. Here’s to celebrating women, both on International Women’s Day and every day!

Anne Frank
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Dolly Parton
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Eleanor Roosevelt
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