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Confronting Climate Change

Taking the ocean into account is critical for successfully addressing climate change, and addressing climate change is critical for the future of the ocean


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Ocean-Climate Action Agenda

The purpose of the Ocean-Climate Action Agenda is to identify priority ocean-related climate goals for the Global Climate Action Summit, which will take place in San Francisco, California on September 12 to 14, 2018. The Summit will bring leaders together from around the world to deepen commitments and accelerate action from countries—supported by all sectors of society—to prevent dangerous climate change and realize the historic Paris Agreement. The goals in this Agenda were developed to increase global attention on the importance of the ocean in achieving the vision of the Paris Agreement, and to focus global action on priority ocean-related climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

A healthy ocean underpins the world’s economic, political, and cultural systems, and is the foundation of successful and stable societies around the globe. The ocean plays a central role in regulating our climate and absorbing human caused greenhouse gas emissions. Healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems help safeguard global populations from intensifying impacts caused by climate change and ocean acidification. The following priority ocean-related climate goals are critical for achieving the climate mitigation and adaptation goals of the Paris Agreement, and for securing global health and prosperity over the long term.

Read Ocean-Climate Action Agenda here. 

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