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Our Ocean Network

Coming Together to Protect Our Ocean


The ocean touches everyone’s lives, often in ways that we don’t think about or notice. Likewise, federal funding for ocean programs is critical to protecting and managing ocean resources, but that investment often is invisible or unnoticed, until it is threatened. Many of these key programs and funds fall under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

How do our elected officials decide how much funding should go to ocean programs? What are the ways citizens can engage to help Congress understand the real-world impacts of funding, and ensure needed investments get made? Appropriations are one of the most confusing but fundamentally important federal decision-making processes.

Through the Our Ocean Network, we want to help you better understand the federal funding process. We send regular updates on appropriations and proposed funding changes for key ocean and coastal programs, and provide opportunities and strategies for individuals and organizations to influence the debate.

In addition to our email updates, we provide the following services:

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