Pacific Coast

Protecting the marvels of the pacific coast for the well-being of people and marine life.

124 underwater parks

countless ways to have fun.

California’s 124 marine protected areas (MPAs) are home to thousands of birds, mammals and fish and are prime recreation destinations for people who love the coast. Like parks on land, marine protected areas provide safe havens for ocean life to rebound in the face of challenges like overfishing and pollution. Wildlife such as elephant seals, sea otters and leopard sharks can be spotted in various MPAs. Activities for people are also endless, including diving, surfing, paddleboarding, walking on the beach, wildlife watching, exploring tide pools and bird-watching.

Ocean Conservancy has worked for many years to help California secure the nation’s first statewide network of marine protected areas. Science shows that these protected areas improve biodiversity, boost fisheries and support overall ocean health. Supporters like you have helped facilitate the creation of this incredible network of protected areas that is already improving California’s coastal marine life. But our work is far from done. We need to build support among our lawmakers to ensure that MPAs continue to be monitored and protected as new laws affecting the coast are developed.

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