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Ocean Planning in the Mid-Atlantic


The Mid-Atlantic recently finalized its first regional ocean plan with the goal of better, more efficient decisions driven by the best economic and ecological data available. Numerous stakeholders, including Mid-Atlantic states, tribes, federal agencies, industry, and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, were engaged in jointly developing and are now implementing the state and regional priorities outlined in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan to improve the future of the region’s economy.

  • Enhances Ocean Stakeholder Engagement by collecting and including stakeholder-driven information, providing a forum for input from all ocean users, and creating a clear pathway for interested stakeholders to participate in ocean management.
  • Provides an Innovative Data Platform called the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, a web-based mapping tool available to the public, local communities, and decision-makers that helps inform smarter and more ef cient management decisions.
  • Facilitates Early Government Coordination by providing for the tools and the discussion forum federal and state agency decision makers need to make more informed management decisions.
  • Addresses Management Challenges of ocean acidification and marine debris reduction by establishing workgroups of federal and state agencies, local communities, and stakeholders to address these issues at a regional scale.

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