Fighting for Trash Free Seas®

Ending the flow of trash at the source


Current efforts to eliminate ocean trash are not enough.

Ocean Conservancy has mobilized millions of people around the world to remove trash from our ocean and waterways. But removal is just one part of the solution. We must also prevent trash from reaching our waterways and the ocean, which is why in 2012 Ocean Conservancy launched the Trash Free Seas Alliance®. The Alliance unites industry, science and conservation leaders who share a common goal for a healthy ocean free of trash. The Alliance provides a constructive forum focused on identifying opportunities for cross-sector solutions that drive action and foster innovation.


Members of the Trash Free Seas Alliance® pledge to work toward solutions that will eliminate ocean trash.

Members seek to reduce and, where possible, reinvent products and services that damage ocean wildlife or ecosystems. Founding members of the Trash Free Seas Alliance®:

Alliance Members

Advisory Members

The Trash Free Seas Alliance® is driven by action and impact.

Members of the Alliance aim to reduce and make continual progress toward eliminating ocean trash. The Alliance is working to create innovative groups to zero in on specific issues to incubate and pilot solutions.

The Trash Free Seas Alliance® provides a space for respectful dialogue that is productive and honest.

Members come to the table as independent equals committed to finding a way forward through advocacy, community engagement and innovation. Ocean trash affects everyone everywhere because the majority of ocean trash comes from land. We all share in the responsibility to find the solutions.

Alliance Leadership

Members represent the diversity of expertise needed to ultimately eliminate ocean trash and came from industry, civic, science and conservation leadership.

As a leader in finding solutions for our water planet, Ocean Conservancy organizes and resources the Trash Free Seas Alliance ® and identifies opportunities for synergy among members. The Alliance’s executive committee and members work to select priorities and projects.

Sustainable business partnerships

Working with a diverse group of stakeholders ensures that we are developing robust solutions, grounded in science, with the breadth and reach necessary to create systemic change. The Trash Free Seas Alliance® is focused on achieving tangible conservation benefits in the effort to reduce marine debris’ impacts on our ocean. Ocean Conservancy’s full corporate policy is available here.

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