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Trash Free Seas Alliance®

The Trash Free Seas Alliance® unites industry, science and nonprofit leaders in a common goal to free our planet from the dangers of ocean trash, especially plastics.

Ocean plastics is a massive problem on a global scale.

For more than three decades, Ocean Conservancy has worked on the issue of ocean trash, fighting to keep our beaches and waterways free of harmful debris. We seek to engage communities and educate the public, mobilizing volunteers around the world to pick up trash from beaches and waterways each year through the International Coastal Cleanup.

Cleanups are simply one piece of the equation, and we also work upstream to stop pollution before it reaches our coasts and waterways in the first place. That’s why Ocean Conservancy launched the Trash Free Seas Alliance® in 2012.

Through the Alliance, we unite business, science and nonprofit leaders in a common goal: a healthy ocean free from trash. The Trash Free Seas Alliance® is the only forum of its kind in the world focused on innovative and pragmatic solutions that rid our ocean of marine debris and plastics. Our Alliance members provide invaluable knowledge and expertise on how materials enter our ocean and cost-effective strategies for containing them.

Through the Trash Free Seas Alliance®, corporate partners like The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, Dow, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Starbucks have collectively committed millions of dollars for research on ways to improve waste collection and recycling in parts of the world where ocean plastic pollution is currently greatest. Many of our partners also support Circulate Capital, the investment management firm created in partnership with Ocean Conservancy and Closed Loop Partners dedicated to financing companies, projects, and infrastructure to prevent ocean plastic pollution.

Our Alliance partners have also pledged to eliminate or replace up to half a million tons of virgin plastic from products and packaging each year.

The goal: real-world collaboration to stop the flow of plastic into the ocean by 2030. You can help.

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