Here Comes the Hatchetfish

This deep-sea dweller has a few surprises for us

All About the Catshark

This fish is always on the prowl

What is a Dragonet?

No, they’re not baby dragons … but mandarinfish are just as cool

Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove: A Safe Harbor

Two of Long Island’s beaches have an important place in LGBTQ+ history and hearts

Why Sponges are Underrated

There’s a “hole” lot more to sea sponges than you may have thought

All About Angelfish

Is this popular fish heaven sent?

Meet the Idiomysis Shrimp, the Social Butterfly of the Ocean

Basically, Idiomysis shrimp are cute, social and love to dance

Touchdown of the Pacific Footballfish

A rare creature of the deep continues to make appearances on the shores of the west coast

The Power of Cleanups

Making a change in your community, bit by bit

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