From Sea to Shining Sea

“We the People of the United States, in order to form more perfect protection of our ocean…”

Let’s take a break from election coverage and come together as one nation in love with the ocean.

Regardless of our politics, we can all agree that the ocean is important. From sea to shining sea, we depend on the ocean for our food supply, the air we breathe, our economy and our ability to protect our shores against storms. That’s why I’m asking you to show your ocean pride and vote for the future of the ocean today.

Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution as a vision for the future of our great nation. Today, I’m asking you to be part of a vision for the future of our ocean. Add your signature now and be a founding member in the promise to protect our ocean.

We need local and national leaders across the country to make ocean health a priority. Pledge your support for our ocean today.

There is strength in numbers. Help us deliver 20,000 signatures to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to tell the next Administration to make ocean acidification a priority.

Our ocean faces a number of serious threats, including marine debris, overfishing and ocean acidification. Ocean acidification happens when carbon emissions from factories, cars, power plants are absorbed by the ocean, turning it more acidic, threatening shellfish like oyster, clams and mussels and the communities who rely on them.

There’s no time to waste: we need to take action. The U.S. has already been a leader on ocean acidification research and monitoring. Recently, Oregon, Washington and California, along with the Premier of British Columbia, came together to form the International Alliance to Combat Acidification. We want to make sure the next Administration continues our strong leadership on tackling this critical problem!

By pledging your support to combat ocean acidification, you’re standing up for the communities whose livelihoods depend on a healthy ocean.

In the United States, we take pride in the hard work of our citizens, the strength of our communities and the promise of our future. Will you stand with me today to protect our country from the threat of ocean acidification?

We’ve pledged our support for the Land of the Free. Let’s do the same for our ocean.

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