Happy Kids, Happy Ocean

There’s no doubt about it: ocean plastic pollution is a big problem. An estimated eight million metric tons of plastic waste flow from land into the ocean every year, meaning that by 2025 there could be one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish! And there’s much more to the problem than floating bags, bottles and fishing nets—as many as 51 trillion pieces of microplastic (plastic pieces less than five mm) now circulate in the ocean.

Ocean Conservancy has been fighting back against ocean plastic pollution for the past 30 years. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones worried about ocean plastic pollution. Our corporate partners are helping to bring attention to this immense problem.

One such partner is toy company Once Kids. Started by an industrial designer and a marketing entrepreneur following the birth of their son, Once Kids is a design group that offers a range of environmentally-conscious toys.

Once Kids strives to design creative toys inspired by the classics that the founders, Brad and Emmy, played with as children. The resulting line of toys includes craft kits, building blocks, action figures, vehicles, and more. All toys are made from wood, a biodegradable and renewable resource that contrasts the plastics used in many children’s toys today.

We’re happy to have Once Kids as a partner in ocean conservation.  In addition to helping drive awareness of Ocean Conservancy’s work, Once Kids will invest 1% of total sales, with a guaranteed minimum of $25,000,  in our efforts to stem the tide against ocean plastic.

Business models like this just go to show that there are many ways to join in the fight against ocean plastic pollution. Whether it’s skipping the straw, joining a local cleanup or purchasing products that support ocean conservation; every sustainable choice helps move us towards a healthier, happier ocean.

Want to see more ways you can shop to support our ocean? Check out our other partners here

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